Churchill or Hitler: The Indian Choice!

India during the 1940s had the choice to look up to two world leaders: Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler! The fact that Indians just had these options, tells you how oppressed they must have been.

In 1943, a great famine hit Bengal and a lot of people went hungry and were in a desperate state. Amidst that, Churchill refused to send in wheat to Bengal causing a loss of around 3 million lives. Adding salt to the wound, he demanded that India export rice to Europe. As if this was not enough, he blamed Indians for the famine because he thought Indians “breeded like rabbits”.

Bengal Famine 1943 — The Guardian

Churchill’s views about the Indian leaders like Gandhi were also based on the idea of racial supremacy of white Britishers. He addressed Gandhi as a “a seditious lawyer, posing as a fakir”. This is very ironic because British later forced around 2.5 million Indian soldiers to fight their war in the inhospitable East Europe.

Amongst all this oppression, Indians might have thought of asking help from a military power who opposed Britain. So Subhas Chandra Bose asked Germany’s Hitler to help India stage a revolution. Ofcourse, this did not go well as Hitler was himself the CEO of racial hatred and led to Bose’s expulsion to Japan. Hitler also stated that the British’s treatment of Indians is an example to copied and learnt from.

Churchill and Hitler — BBC.

The sad part of all this history is that these seemed to be the only options for Indians in 1940s. Even sadder is the choice people of color (POC) have right now in this modern world: Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Both lead a country which are often the trendsetters for the world and both have expressed their hatred of POC.

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